The Pinch is currently in post-production and should be completed in early 2017.

For information regarding the film please contact: info@asmmediainc.com

Log Line: When a low level mobster is nearly rubbed out by the boss, he decides to take the bonus he was promised by force, so he kidnaps the boss and demands a hefty ransom.


Rob Carobrese is a courier for a small time mobster, Kain Lawton. Rob’s having an identity crisis. He’s on the verge of turning forty and he knows his life isn’t going anyhere. He’s always wanted to be in ‘the life’ and while Kain has always promised to promote him, Kain’s promises have never come to fruition.

Rob delivers money to a hitman. Unfortunately for Rob, the police are waiting. They offer Rob a deal: help them get evidence against Kain and he can go live in the witness protection program.

Rob refuses to flip. He’s not a rat.

Out on bail, Rob goes home where his loving wife, Gina, surprises him with a nice birthday cake for his fortieth birthday. Gina thinks Rob should take the deal from the police.

The next day Rob goes to meet Kain. Kain tells Rob that he’s going to give him five-hundred thousand dollars so that he and Gina can slip away to a nice little third world country and live happily ever after. Rob accepts Kain’s proposal.

Rob races home to collect a few things but before he can get out of his apartment Kain’s two henchmen show up with the money… only they don’t have the money and they’ve been sent to kill Rob and make it look like he fled the country.

Rob escapes and goes straight to Kain and takes him prisoner.

Rob takes Kain to his dead aunt’s empty house and tells Kain to call his henchmen and get them to bring him the money. Even tied up, Kain isn’t afraid of Rob. He flatly refuses and begins a barrage of verbal abuse.

Kain tells Rob that he doesn’t have what it takes to be a gangster. Kain is the one tied up but Rob is the one who’s being pushed around.

Enough! Finally Rob gets a drill and drills holes into Kain. Kain relents, calls his men and tells them to bring the money.

Meanwhile, the police have tracked Rob to his dead aunt’s house.

The next morning, Kain’s men show up with the money.

Suddenly, the police are outside knocking on the front door.

Guns fire and bullets find flesh. The only two people left alive are Kain and Rob.

Rob gets the jump on Kain and Kain taunts him. Rob realizes that Kain is right, he’s not a killer and never really had what it takes to be successful in ‘the life.’

Rob and Gina drive off towards South America to live a quiet life off the grid.